Chantal Matar is an Architect and Generative Artist that works at the intersection of new media art and architecture.
She is currently a Lead Architect at Zaha Hadid Architects working on various high-end international projects in different stages. 

Chantal holds a Masters's degree in Architecture from the Lebanese University, Fine Arts Institute in Beirut.

Her Generative Design Agenda is highly influenced by art, pop art, geology, media, cinema, and music. Chantal has been teaching at various institutes, such as UCL the Bartlett School Of Architecture, DesignMorphine and Middle East Architecture Lab since 2020.

She has recently participated in international exhibitions such as Galerie Fractal in Paris and the Venice Biennale, Italin Pavillion. 

Blending her long experience in architectural design and knowledge of digital tools, Chantal aims her exploration at alien landscapes, linear formations, and digital strata that lie on the threshold of spatial chaos and structural continuum.