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The Anthropocene is a collaboration AV exhibition with Anecoica Studio, Berlin.

'In the age of humankind, where the Anthropos - the human being - intervene on the Earth's system unprecedentedly, technical inventions and the way they operate have shaped social interaction in a completely new and different way putting their relationship with the environment to the test.

The increasing intensity, severity, and frequency of environmental-ecological disasters in the last decades have brought greater urgency to discussions surrounding climate change, environmental justice, and the Anthropocene.

Sound Credits, Anecoica Studio

The Ethereal Loop Series flow continuously with the cosmic vibes of ethereal space. It progresses and loops with time, creating abstract compositions that revolve around creation and cycles, beginnings, and ends.

Ethereal Loop I, Sound Credits, Tsyphur Zalan

The Future, Sound Credits, Sierra-Unbroken

The Dune Series, recalls the desert topology. A wasteland of a lost Empire, a vast land of sweeping curves leading your eyes up to the transcendent symbols of an otherworldly civilization.

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