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After Effects Workshop


Learn to make abstract generative art using After Effects in 3 hours.


Cinematic Landscapes [Online Edition - 01]

1 session of 3 hours 


Adobe After Effects is a potent digital visual effect and compositing software by Adobe Systems that is used in film making, different media production, and Motion Graphics.


During the live course, you will learn new digital tools for application in your creative projects. You will develop an understanding of mapping, animation, and compositing to form a foundation for learning a new visual effect language.


Previous experience in AE and other editing tools is not essentially fundamental for this course. We will go step by step into drafting an abstract landscape and edit the pattern using After Effects and Trapcode MIR. We will then develop the pattern and render each simulation in order to have a set of animations to build our storytelling before we compile the final outcome.


The final outcome of the session will be short animation of your work.


Software needed:


Adobe After Effects Full License


Adobe After Effects Plugin:

Trapcode MIR Full License


Editing Tools:

Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere (Free Trials available for both for a limited period of time) ​


Adobe Premiere: ​


Final Cut Pro:


After Effects Workshop 01